Customized Gift Baskets

We can customize a basket to suit your needs. Please contact us for the prices for customized baskets.

 Add a Jewish Book:
Choose one of the packages above and add a Jewish book (Hebrew or English) that is in print and available in Israel. Please send us the name of the book or feel free to ask us for suggestions!

Add a Bottle of Wine:
Choose a Kosher bottle of wine that is available in Israel and we can add it to one of the above baskets.

New Baby Gift:
We can exchange one of our regular animals for an animal suitable for a new baby. Please make sure to tell us if it is a boy or girl!

Special to Order: Fruit, Gluten Free or Healthy Treats Baskets
Tell us what you would like in your package and we can prepare it special to order: Some suggestions: Fruit basket, Gluten Free Basket, Healthy Treats Basket.

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